About Us

SMITH KLASON'S CONTAINERS CO.LTD is a multinational organization, We are involved in Import & Export, Trading and Management services, successfully operating from its different locations. We, as a Container trading company, source and service both overseas and domestic customers.

Welcome to SMITH KLASON'S CONTAINERS CO.LTD, we are an accredited company providing a wide range of container solutions to clients with different needs. We established our business over 30years ago in Utah, USA & have grown into a market leader in the USA container industry. SMITH KLASON'S CONTAINERS CO.LTD is expanding because of the reliability & effectiveness of its unrivaled services. Our container shipping options which we offer at cost-effective rates is one of the things that makes us flourish.

SMITH KLASON'S CONTAINERS CO.LTD was established by its founder Smith Chambers Klason, a British immigrant who arrived in USA at the age of 3. Rudy worked in the sales industry his entire life, but he is best known for his work over the past 30 years in the Container resale industry. Chambers, a legend in the container business, built his business from small beginnings in his home, to doing sales, rentals and conversions for thousands of companies for more than thirty years. He established excellent customer relationships through his belief in delivering top quality service, the best prices and excellent customer relationships.

His son, Smith Klason Jr joined SMITH KLASON'S CONTAINERS CO.LTD in 2010, thus involving a second generation in his business. Smith Klason Jr, an electrical engineer with an MBA, worked very closely with Rudy, continuing to build SMITH KLASON'S CONTAINERS CO.LTD.

Chambers passed away in 2012, leaving his son to run his business, with the knowledge that his great standing in the industry, would continue. SMITH KLASON'S CONTAINERS CO.LTD remains dedicated to their customers providing excellent service, competitive prices and above all else, customer relationships, evident through its repeat- customer base.


Exceeding Clients Expectations

The amazing minds behind SMITH KLASON'S CONTAINERS CO.LTD is a team of dedicated and passionate individuals who strive to provide premium service and exceptional advice to all of our clients. Our years of experience in the industry enables us to answer any queries a client may have in regards to their container shipping requirements. SMITH KLASON'S CONTAINERS CO.LTD aims at exceeding the expectations of our clients, hence, we will go the extra mile when delivering our products and services. We are prompt with work and are easy and transparent to work with.

Superior Products & Services

We provide our customers with the best shipping and container services Utah has to offer; our services are vast and cost-effective. Our containers can be used for several purposes, as they come in a variety of sizes. From 6m to 12m sizes, you’ll definitely find one that’s perfect for you.

Our Services:

  • Selling of shipping containers

  • Buying/Purchasing of shipping containers

  • New shipping containers

  • Refrigerated shipping containers (Reefers)

  • Pre-owned shipping containers

Our containers can be used for multiple purposes such as workshops, offices, schools, as well as storage solutions and are all made watertight, lockable, and wind-tight. The office containers will come complete with air conditioning, electricity, a door, and two windows. The ability of us to customize any unit specifically for all our clients is what makes us leaders in the industry.